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WE are Open!!!

We are so happy to finally announce that we are open!! Its been a long 7 months and today marks our 7th day open and we couldnt be happier! we have been shown the love by west chester thats for sure! we will be rotating the menu so keep things fresh and adding new drinks too! our hours at the moment are 7-7 tuesday through saturday and hopefully we will be extending our hours as well! make sure you sign up to get alerts and keep up on our website to know about all of our vendor opportunities and events!

Come try our Dirty menu with cocktails of redbull/ sprite with cream and be prepared to be blown away! I know... it sounds crazy but they taste so good!

If you have any books your looking to donate bring them to us!! we want to have a mini library of sorts!

This week we have our FIRST event, Mama needs coffee! look online to sign up! tockets are not needed b ut we wuld like to try and get a headcount to make sure we are ready for all you beautiful mamas!

The front room is available for rent! have your small gatheing or book club there and all we ask is a $75 minimum purchase from our bar, or $50 per hour! email. us to reserve or call 513-644-2548

Hope to see you soon!

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